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At first i thought deep fried pb&j would be gross.Much to my surprise deep fried pb&j is AWESOME!! My family and i go to 4or5 events a year, Fried Specialties is at ,just to get fried pb&j.We also love the fried pickles,fried Oreos,fried pies and the fried Pop Tarts.If your family hasn’t tried a fried pb&j yet i recommend you do,you’ll love it!!      

The Newberry Family, Marion NY

Fair stand features fried specialtiesBy Dan Bernardi, staff writer
Jim Hasbrouk, of Marion, first began frying food in the company of his friends during poker games and parties. The positive reception to the unique deep fried foods sparked Hasbrouck to take his knack for deep frying on the road. The Hasbrouck family debuted the stand, called Deep Fried Specialties, at the Sterling Stage Kampitheater. They were such a hit that they decided to open a stand at the Great New York State Fair. Last year was their first time attending and they were met by constant lines of people waiting to have their favorite foods deep fried.Hasbrouck explained that many of the menu items are crowd requests. When someone requests a new item, they test it to make sure it maintains its shape and consistency in the deep fryer. New to the menu this year are deep fried cheese curds, peanut butter cookies and pop tarts. These items are added to a menu including: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese, pizza, pickles, apple pie, Twinkies, cherry pie, ham & cheese, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, snickers, Reeses cups and Twix.Fried Specialties is located on restaurant row, outside of the Coliseum.

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